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Thrivent Choice Dollars & Thrivent Action Teams

We love our Thrivent members who help us by designating Thrivent Choice Dollars to help our ministry as well as those who help us with Thrivent Action Team projects!

There are basically 3 kinds of Thrivent Action Team projects:

 - Fundraiser - used to buy things used to raise even more money

 - Educational Event - often used to help fund a retreat or event at camp

 - Work Project - our most popular kind - used to buy materials for a project at camp, such as signs, paint, light fixtures, etc. and volunteers do the work.  Here are some possible ideas.  Be sure to contact us first, to make sure these ideas haven’t already been taken.

Camp Cabin Clean Sweep - Every cabin at Camp Trinity needs certain items to help keep  the cabin clean and safe.  Over the years, various items from various cabins have gone missing or no longer function appropriately.  Our project is to make sure and provide brooms, smoke alarm batteries, curtain rods, and other items as needed for each cabin.

Floored by Boards - Camp Trinity has a building that was recently winterized and in order for it to look complete, it needs a nice flooring to cover the ugly basement cement floor.  Seed money will be used to purchase flooring material that can be easily installed by volunteers.

Brighter People in the Office - Camp Trinity's office has a single fixture in the middle of the room, but several summer program staff members have their desks facing the walls and therefore shadows make their work spaces dark.  Seed money would be used to purchase shop lighting to hang over each desk in the room that would plug into various outlets around the room.

Bed Rest by the Rest Room - Camp Trinity often gets requests for camp sleeping quarters that have restrooms, especially for elderly guests and/or guests who have difficulty walking.  One way for the camp to provide this option is to have bed frames that can be folded up and stored during the daytime use of its Chalet building. Seed money would be used to purchase 5 or more of these beds.  Mattresses would be borrowed from other buildings.  Volunteers would assemble these metal frames and make them ready to be used by guests

Grateful for Stable Tables - Purchase and assemble 6 small round white plastic tables for the Chalet.

Conference with Confidence - Purchase and assemble 10 skinny conference tables for the chapel.

Prayers for Chairs - Purchase and deliver 30 comfortable sturdy padded chairs that can be shared between the Chalet & chapel at Trinity Lutheran Camp. Great for long meetings and Bible studies.  Also, sturdier than the current white plastic chairs for adults to use and for active games that kids play.  Current white chairs can be used in cabins and bathrooms instead. 

 Retreat season brochures– (the cost of printing)

 Summer camper equipment (balls, archery equipment, etc.)

 Summer Medical supplies for campers– purchased in May

 Load of Gravel for the potholes

 Stain for the Dining Hall and Chapel Decks

 Materials to build a closet in Chapel for cleaning supplies misc.

 Cadet Wall Heaters for Upper Village cabins

 Exterior light fixtures and inside fans for all cabins

 Updated lights in Dining Hall

 Updated Curtains for the cabins

 Art Supplies for youth Campers

 Yard signs to give to friends of camp to put in their yards to encourage others to sign up for Sumer Camp

Projects already done

Signs on the Pines - New reflective signs are needed at camp to direct guests who arrive after dark, especially now that Trinity Lutheran Camp is year-round.  Signs will be purchased with the grant money and volunteers will hang the signs on trees or posts or buildings as needed.

Carpet on the Stain - Stain the chapel stage and install carpet on top of it. 

Paints for Saints - Paint Chalet basement walls & bathroom/laundry room at Trinity Lutheran Camp.

In Process - Do Not Feed the Bears Garbage - In order to discourage bears from trying to eat food out of the garbage at Trinity Lutheran Camp, we will build a fenced in enclosure.  This will help keep campers safe and help keep the garbage cans from getting dumped over by hungry bears.  The grant money will pay for fencing or concrete. Volunteers will clear brush and level land & clean garbage cans.