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Thrivent Action Team Ideas

APPLIED FOR - Signs on the Pines - New reflective signs are needed at camp to direct guests who arrive after dark, especially now that Trinity Lutheran Camp is year-round.  Signs will be purchased with the grant money and volunteers will hang the signs on trees or posts or buildings as needed.

Carpet on the Stain - Stain the chapel stage and install carpet on top of it. 

Paints for Saints - Paint Chalet basement walls & bathroom/laundry room at Trinity Lutheran Camp.

APPLIED FOR - Do Not Feed the Bears Garbage - In order to discourage bears from trying to eat food out of the garbage at Trinity Lutheran Camp, we will build a fenced in enclosure.  This will help keep campers safe and help keep the garbage cans from getting dumped over by hungry bears.  The grant money will pay for fencing or concrete. Volunteers will clear brush and level land & clean garbage cans.

Grateful for Stable Tables - Purchase and assemble 6 small round white plastic tables for the Chalet.

Conference with Confidence - Purchase and assemble 10 skinny conference tables for the chapel.

Prayers for Chairs - Purchase and deliver 30 comfortable sturdy padded chairs that can be shared between the Chalet & chapel at Trinity Lutheran Camp. Great for long meetings and Bible studies.  Also, sturdier than the current white plastic chairs for adults to use and for active games that kids play.  Current white chairs can be used in cabins and bathrooms instead.