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450 Pierce Lane


What to Bring to Camp



*Sunscreen & bug spray  :)

*Modest swimsuit  (one piece or modest tankini)

*2 towels (one for bathing and one for swimming)

*Personal toiletries (shampoo, soap, toothbrush etc.)

*Sweatshirt or light jacket

*Sweats, jeans, or long pants

*Summer clothes for one week (girls: no short shorts)

*Flash light

*Tennis shoes or good shoes for hiking

*Sleeping Bag and Pillow

* Basketball campers bring shoes for the gym.

* Volleyball Campers bring appropriate shoes and knee pads.

* No extra money is needed at camp.  T-Shirts and Hoodies are available for purcahse on Sunday and Friday

PLEASE NOTE:No electronic items needed at camp. This includes cell phones, IPODs, MP3 etc.

Camp is a time for the kids to focus on Christ and their friends around them.   Electronic devices are a distraction from what we are trying to accomplish for your child.  It is also our highest priority to keep your children safe while at camp. You may contact your child through camper email.  If you have questions or concerns with this policy, please contact the Program Director prior to your arrival at camp. Any camper that has non approved electronics, will be asked to leave camp and no-refund is available.

Any questions, contact Melanie Reiner at